Striving for African excellence through Strategic, Creative and Experiential solutions.

Alvi Gordon is your brand’s connection to African consumers.
Insight driven. Service centric. Tangible results.


Rooted in Strategy
Meticulously-considered strategy is at the centre of every decision we make for your business, brand, product or event. Comprehensive research. Reliable insights. Optimal results.

Creative Solutions

Creative by design
Our creative team breathes life into solutions. Harnessing imagination. Amplifying ideas. Meticulously limitless.


Experiential Services

Experiences are everything
Whether it’s a simple activation or an integrated immersive campaign, it’s either perfect or nothing. Attention to detail. Professionally executed. Unimaginably memorable.

About Us

Who we are
We are African. By birth. By heritage. By choice.
And Alvi Gordon exists to ensure brands connect to what it means to be truly African. With three main offices rooted in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique we provide solutions to specific markets in relevant and engaging ways.

Our satellite offices and teams in Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe ensure we bring it, like nobody else in the Southern African region can.

The name Alvi Gordon originates from one of the director’s grandparents, who were pioneers amongst their peers, in traveling the world at a time when it was taboo in their culture; For Alvina and Gordon, exposure to the world meant for a broader understanding of life and its possibilities, which they installed into their children and grandchild’s rearing. Having defied the norm, the couple managed to live a well-balanced life where who they were was not compromised by what they desired.

Such being true to the founders of the business, it was fitting that they named the agency Alvi Gordon.


Not only are Alvi Gordon a proudly African full service agency with a deep understanding of Mzanzi’s culturally diverse consumers, we also have offices in two other Southern African countries.

SA Office

South Africa
Alvi Gordon South Africa, based in the fast-paced city of Johannesburg, boasts some of the most sought after talent- both locally and internationally, and has been delivering world-class service to a range of clients as diverse as ‘Jozi’ itself since 2016. Being based in the City of Gold provides easy access to our other satellite offices in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Namibia Office

2016 saw the establishment of the Namibian office by the Alvi Gordon Group and Namibian Director, Joseph Ailonga. Situated in central Windhoek, Alvi Gordon Namibia hosts an arsenal of resources and talent with a reputation of outstanding delivery to local and international clients right across the country.

Mozambique Office

Together with Mozambican Director, Celso Domingos, the Alvi Gordon Group established the Maputo office in 2017. This dynamic agency rolls out projects right across the country with creativity and efficiency like only Alvi Gordon can.


Our Services

Why we exist. To serve.

1. Strategy

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that brands make, but about the stories they tell. For a story to resonate with any market or consumer, we believe, a strong and thorough strategy must first be established. At Alvi Gordon, we build and craft our strategy around your specific brand needs and objectives to ensure an effective and optimal result driven outcome.


In order to understand the big picture, we must first look closer.
Through quantitative and qualitative research we construct strategies that speak directly to the people for who the brand, service or product is intended to.

Strategy Development

Results don’t happen by accident. They are what happens when authentic connections are developed between businesses and their consumers. It’s not magic, it’s experience.

Public Relations

When meaningful content is put in the right hands, media coverage turns to tangible results. Alvi Gordon is proud of the long-standing relationships we share with our media partners and how that benefits our clients.

2. Creative

What we live for

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. The way in which this is communicated is through creative executions and visual representations. For a brand to be successful, we believe that a strong multifaceted creative representation and communication needs to be executed.

Creative Direction

Before we can know how something will look, we must first carefully define the function it must perform. From the initial scribbles, to the final design tweaks, the story we are telling and those we are telling it to is at the foundation of everything we bring to life.


We strive to make your brand stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Which is how we choose the creative we work with. Every visual design aspect is built, scrutinised and tested from the ground up with a clear objective and definitive result in mind.

Content Creation

Anybody can create content, but not everyone has the ability to give an idea life, colour and evoke an emotion with the written word. We like to think we are the latter.


3. Experiential

What we are essentially trying to do is engage with the consumer community so deeply, that they begin to take on the task of evangelizing your brand themselves. We strive to achieve this goal through all of our service offerings but focused extensively on it during our experiential marketing strategies.


We believe that if a consumer can not just connect with a brand, but engage in an immersive experience, fans become followers and followers become evangelists. From concept to completion we strive to provide brand interactions that are as memorable as they are meaningful.


We are so much more than promo staff and pamphlet drops.
Our passion for excellence is evident in every project we mobilise. Fuelled by effectiveness, and driven by results.


We connect to a variety of sport fanatics using considered strategy, hard-earned research and insights that come from years of experience. When it comes to creating sporting experiences and partnerships, we didn’t come to play.

Our Clients

Who we do it for